Our readers had plenty to say about the news that the long-awaited Whole Foods is to open next month at the corner of Washington Street and Christopher Columbus Drive.

“Hooray! My favorite store ! Just in time for holiday cooking!” exclaimed Heather B. on Facebook.

Skeptical, Steve C. said “I still don’t believe it’ll open. It’s a myth, like Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster.”

Unimpressed, Christa A. declared, “I’ll continue with Shoprite and Walmart, don’t need overpriced groceries.”

But putting aside people’s strongly held views about the upscale purveyor of all things natural, Rachelle F. raised a practical question that came up repeatedly. “No thanks… parking is horrible downtown” she said.

Would Whole Foods really insist that a shopper from the West Side find a parking space Downtown just to pick up a sustainably grown kiwi? It was a good question.

The intrepid news outlet we are, we put our team of crack investigative journalists on the problem. Here’s what they found out.

Whole Foods, said a company spokesperson, will provide 90 minutes of free parking in the connected parking garage with validation of a $10 (or more) purchase.