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The Covid-19 Report

The weekly number of new Covid-19 infections in Jersey City has increased from 7 in August to 68 in November. There were nine reported fatalities in November.

Vaccines Coming, but NJ Worries Trump may Upset Distribution Plan

New Jersey is set to receive the first batch of 130,000 COVID-19 vaccines within the next four weeks — assuming it receives emergency approval as expected. But state officials want to ensure their plans for a massive statewide distribution won’t be derailed by President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the election.

Class Schedules Tweaked for More Student Support

At this past Thursday’s meeting, Superintendent Franklin Walker announced minor changes to class schedules that will go into effect district wide beginning December 2. These changes are based on observations during the first marking period, he said, when it became apparent that more time is required for student support. The amount of time devoted to instruction will remain the same.

What’s Next for the Arts and Culture Trust Fund?

Artists, arts advocates and local culture vultures cheered when on November 3rd Jersey City voted to create an Arts and Culture Trust Fund, the first of its kind in New Jersey. Now, with the vote a done deal, artists, arts administrators and local pols are debating how the fund should operate. There is no shortage of ideas.