Proposed Pompidou Jersey City

Editorial: The Immoral Price of Pompidou

Pompidou Jersey City will be expensive, very expensive. And the use of so much money on a cultural project that will cater largely to highly educated, well-heeled residents is simply immoral given the city’s myriad needs and vast economic disparities.

A Message to the Muralists

I have a question for the muralists — here and elsewhere. Are you sure that what you are adding is better than what you are subtracting?  Is what you have to say important enough, or urgent enough, that you’re ready to sideline, the work of another creator?

Editorial: A City Council Waste Deep in the Swamp

Last night, in a stunning display of arrogance and negligence, the Jersey City Municipal Council approved the appointments of two judges who may well be ineligible to serve, brushing aside a request from Ward E Councilman James Solomon that the vote be postponed for further investigation.