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Letter: Council Should Act After Washington Death, Apportion Bayfront Pilot Fairly

Dear Jersey City Municipal Council, Our city is facing immense challenges today. A resident, Andrew Jerome Washington was killed by our police earlier this month during a mental health crisis.  Based on the information released to date, it is unfathomable to believe that the situation could not have had a better outcome with Mr. Washington not being killed.  […]

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Editorial: Public Safety Director Shea Must Go

Last week the city witnessed the heartbreaking and completely avoidable death of Andrew Jerome Washington at the hands of poorly supervised police officers from the elite Emergency Services Unit. Washington’s killing has rightly enraged many and brought calls for change. That change should begin with the departure of Public Safety Director James Shea, who has […]

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Op-Ed: Justice for Tenants is Long Overdue

A national organization funded by the Koch brothers is once again trying to meddle into Jersey City politics and undermine gains won by housing justice organizers. When the campaign to pass a tenants’ Right to Counsel was underway, the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) circulated a letter to city council threatening a potential lawsuit. Now, the city and local advocates are preparing to […]

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Letter: Keep Barrow Street Closed

I’m a resident of Erie Street and I support the Barrow Street closure. The letter from business owners – whom I respect and whose stores I patronize regularly – seems to center on the issue of loading and unloading trucks. That is a legitimate concern that is in the public interest to solve for. I […]