JCTC 2.27.20 Holiday Celebration

We Must Save Caven Point

Caven Point is a small, ecologically sensitive twenty one-acre piece of land.  It is unique, precious and fragile.  There isn’t room on it for herons, falcons, seals and golfers.

Joan Terrell-Paige Should Resign

Nothing could be sadder than the firestorm unleashed by an incendiary Facebook post from board of education member Joan Terrell-Paige following last week’s killings at a kosher market in Greenville.

Jersey City Makes Us Stronger

Whether we like it or not, every day we are dragged out of our comfort zone and must engage with people from cultures that seem strange and different from our own.  And, yes, sometimes, like staring down the face of a cliff, we feel scared and threatened. 

Reflections of a Reporter:

So here we are. If there’s one unintended benefit of the current political climate, it’s that we are all living the civics class we should have had in high school. If we are to rebuild our democracy, it must include a rededication to an independent free press particularly at the local level.

Publisher’s Letter

This first “issue” dated October 15, 2019, is just a beginning, a seed that will hopefully grow into something larger and better. We hope to regularly update the site with new content. Most important, we hope that Jersey City Times will in some small way help to better educate everyone about what makes Jersey City a great place to live and how we can make it even better.

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