Drum and Tantrum

This Weekend

It may be pretty cold out there, but there’s still plenty of things to do in Jersey City. From art openings to live comedy, and college basketball to a winter hike, our list has something for everybody this weekend. 

Jonté Drew

“Signature” and Jonté Drew’s “Take A Breath” at ART150

Did Piet Mondrian ever tire of painting quadrilaterals in primary colors?  What about Rothko; did he grow weary of those afterimage-like fields of melting pigment?  I ask not to be cheeky, but to point out something odd about canonical artists. They tended to develop a signature style — a particular thing they did, over and […]

NJCU Wrestling

This Weekend

This weekend, there are all sorts of events happening all around Jersey City. From art galleries, to stand-up comedy, to evergreen trees, there’s something for everyone. Plus, there’s an LGBTQ+ Wedding Expo, live music, a laser show, and more. 

Anne Novado’s “Non-Linear,” at Novado Gallery

“Non-Linear,” a presentation of fifteen new pieces by Anne Novado herself. The show, which is up until January 22, is a particular treat for those of us who’ve seen Novado’s excellent paintings tucked away, modestly, on back walls of the gallery, and wished we could be immersed in her  vision.

Danielle Scott's "Black girl, I know how much it hurts," from "A Message From The Underground."

Further Adventures At MANA Contemporary

“A Message From The Underground” at Mana Contemporary is a chorus of protest from deeply unsettled voices — eighteen artists who are making their feelings of marginalization and dispossession manifest.