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At Meeting Administration Acknowledges 911 and Liberty Humane Deficiencies

Jersey City’s 911 system was in the spotlight along with a new police precinct, cannabis licenses and Liberty Humane Society, at Monday’s caucus of the Jersey City Municipal Council. Council members quizzed city Public Safety Director James Shea on a proposal to enter into a state contract with Software House International, of Somerset, and subcontractor […]

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Menendez Probe Gives Last-Minute Surprise in Sleepy Local House Race

Republished courtesy of New Jersey Monitor The quiet race in New Jersey’s 8th Congressional District got a jolt last week after reports revealed Sen. Bob Menendez is under federal investigation again. Menendez’s son, Rob, is the candidate in that district — though with fewer than two weeks left until Election Day, a district that is overwhelmingly […]

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Dysfunctional City

From a distance, the pink bicycle leaning on a signpost at the corner of Barrow and Wayne Streets appears as if it might have an owner. A lock preventing its removal would suggest that the owner intended to return, slide its missing seat back into the seat post, and ride away. But the owner didn’t […]