Valerie Huhn

“What Remains” at Outlander Gallery

Her prickly, unsettling work has sent a cold shiver through recent group shows in the Garden State over the past eighteen months, including the inaugural Art150 event and the 2021 Members Exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum in Clinton. 

"Beaux Reves" by Susan Evans Grove

JCAST Roundup

A list of exemplary pieces from an event as large and multifaceted as JCAST is going to be highly subjective. Nevertheless, these are eleven works that made an immediate impression on me — and if you saw them, I’ll bet they made an impression on you, too.

JCAST Jersey City

Jersey City Art and Studio Tour Kicks Off Tonight

The Jersey City Art and Studio Tour, better known as JCAST, will kick off its 31st year tonight, Sept. 30, with an opening reception, dance performances, and other events at Nimbus Arts Center (329 Warren St.) starting at 6 p.m.