Bomb Scare India Square Jersey City

Calls about a possible bomb threat brought several police emergency cruisers and
fire rigs to Jersey City’s India Square Friday night as pre-Independence Day holiday
crowds of diners and shoppers filled Newark Avenue.

Bluecoats blocked off sections of the avenue as officers investigated the situation
as civilian onlookers waited … and waited.

Some two hours later, the drama ended as police removed barriers and allowed
pedestrians full access to the street after peacefully escorting a man into a police

Official details from city personnel weren’t readily available but one Newark
Avenue retailer was able to shed some light on what had happened.

Poorvan Sharma, who manages Mithaas Jersey City, an Indian restaurant on the
south side of Newark Avenue, off Liberty Avenue, said he noticed a commotion on
the opposite side of the street where a man was arguing with a couple and
reportedly slugged the husband in his face, causing him to fall to the pavement.

The alleged aggressor then started screaming and running around, allegedly
saying he’d placed a bomb somewhere in his parked car, according to Sharma.
Meanwhile, he said, the woman used her cell phone to call police, who arrived
soon afterward.

Sharma said he’d managed to record the incident on his cell phone and shared
the images with an officer.

As cops searched for the man, Sharma recalls fielding calls from prospective
customers who’d apparently heard about the incident. “This was happening on a
Friday, at our big time when people are coming out of their businesses and are
hungry. (My) phone is ringing for an hour with people asking are we closed or

Like other retailers, he managed to continue serving customers, including a small
group preparing for a Jehovah Witness gathering just around the corner at the
former Stanley Theater who clearly managed to enjoy their meal despite the
distraction outside.

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