An apparently drunk and angry customer rammed a popular taqueria on Saturday night with his SUV.

According to reports on social media and the lifestyle website Hoboken Girl, an inebriated party entered Taqueria Downtown just before the restaurant’s 11 pm closing and demanded to be served. When refused service, the group began pushing and spitting on the staff.

The fight reportedly spilled out onto the street. The party got into a silver SUV which then can be seen backing up from the middle of the intersection of Grand and Grove Streets and ramming the corner facade of the Taqueria.

In the video, apparently taken from an apartment across the street, a phone rings in the background.

A man is heard gasping and saying “Jesus…what the…”

A woman says “911’s not picking up. Are you videoing?”

A man gets out of the passenger side of the SUV and runs East on Grand Street.

The phone continues to ring.

The woman says “Is that the kid…Since when doesn’t 911 not pick up?”

Attempts to reach the videographer were unsuccessful and it is unknown if 911 eventually answered.

An email to the city spokesperson seeking comment was not answered.

Hoboken Girl posted a video to Instagram of damage to the Taqueria taken yesterday. A photo taken this morning shows a plywood repair the facade.

Two employees were slightly injured in the fracas, according to a knowledgable party. Nonetheless, the Taqueria re-opened yesterday at 5 pm.

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