Yesterday afternoon a worker who appeared trapped on scaffolding at a high rise in Paulus Hook was rescued by the Jersey City Fire Department.

A local resident who witnessed the rescue said he believed the day’s high winds caused the near calamity.

“From what I can gather, the wind sort of tangled the cables that was holding the scaffolding and someone got trapped up there,” said bystander Otto Dearing.

Dearing explained that when he happened upon the scene, “the deputy chief that pulled up, he and his partner … put on their helmets. They go into the building … they already got two firemen in the apartment where the scaffolding is located … and they go about one floor higher, and they drop what looked like a hook down onto the scaffolding … and they pulled the guy that was on the scaffolding … into the open window of the apartment.”

The rescue was over by 4:30 p.m. although the surrounding area remained cordoned off, numerous emergency vehicles still had their lights flashing, and police officers were still manning the scene.

Deputy Editor Elizabeth Morrill has worked in business, not for profit fundraising and as a freelance copy editor. She holds degrees in American studies and education from Yale and Harvard.