Sustainable Jersey City will offer its Certificate Program in Urban Sustainability beginning on March 14.

A fast track immersive course on the principles of urban sustainability, resiliency and a balanced urban ecology, the program has trained more than 250 urban sustainability leaders since its launch in 2014.

The program spans 30 hours in total — 5 modules, 2 sessions each spanning 3 hours, and also includes a bonus work session to support and strategize new project ideas by the attendees.

The program will be held every Tuesday between Mar 14 and May 16 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm virtually over Zoom.

The fee is as follows: community members pay $75, college students pay  $12 and alumni attend for free.

The program’s five modules will cover:

  • Sustainability / Resiliency /  Systems Thinking  
  • Environmental Justice / Eco Justice
  • Emissions Reduction Opportunities
  • Urban Ecology & Green Infrastructure
  • Waste Streams Reduction

Each module has two sessions, the first provides a big picture global understanding of the topic, and then the second provides a set of local and regional perspectives. Together, these will allow attendees to apply their learnings to their community or workplace.

Said SJC President Deb Italiano “Jersey City is no stranger to environmental issues, be it our poor air quality, our deteriorating tree canopy, or worsening flooding. A city like ours needs environmental stewards who are educated on these issues and are empowered to address them within our communities. SJC’s Certificate Program in Urban Sustainability is a unique opportunity in civic engagement, where attendees learn about these issues from experts and are guided to lead their own project in making an impact — all for a nominal cost. I encourage anyone who cares about their environmental health, the future of their family, community and our city to take this course.”