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Courtesy Jersey City Parking Authority Facebook page

Streets sweeping will resume for main streets in Jersey City starting on Monday, April 27

Street sweeping will resume on main streets according to a provisional street sweeping schedule beginning Monday, April 27, 2020, altering rules that were put in place two weeks ago.

Alternate side of the street parking will be enforced on weekday mornings only on the main roadways as indicated in the list provided here.

Parking rules for meters, zone permits, and driveway painting will remain suspended until further notice – with enforcement for safety violations, such as blocked fire hydrants, remaining in place.

Remaining suspended until further notice:
– Meters
– Zone permits
– Driveway painting

– Alternative Side Parking (according to info above)
– Safety violations
– Blocked hydrants/Corners/Driveways & Handicapped parking

Permits/signs: 8am-4pm Mondays and Wednesdays by appointment only: (Link to permit application HERE)

33 school parking lots have been opened throughout each corridor of the city for residents to park their vehicles during the State of Emergency.

Click here for map of JC school parking lots.
Click here for list of JC school parking lots.

For further information on when and how street sweeping will resume in Jersey City, go here.

Header: Courtesy Jersey City Parking Authority’s Facebook page.

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