Lewis Spears and Family Jersey City

Mayoral candidate Lewis Spears has responded  to charges from the Fulop campaign that he was a registered Republican who may have supported Republican candidates for state and national office. Fulop’s campaign cited a report in the New Jersey Globe claiming that Spears was a registered Republican from 2006-2017 and didn’t become a Democrat until 2019.

In a written response Spears said,”I have no idea where the information in the Globe came from, but I can say that just like Mayor Fulop, I voted for President Obama, Governor Murphy, and I even voted for Mayor Fulop. I remain committed to running a campaign that is about the issues Jersey City residents face today—lack of affordable housing, inequitable training and education, and safety in our city. I am not sure if this is how Mayor Fulop’s camp is trying to win votes in our city, but I would rather he share his plan to address the issues we are all struggling with, in what would be his third term. In fact, all of the noise around me being a “fake progressive” is just that, noise designed to distract from an election that should be centered around the needs, and the voices of our residents.”

Spears did not directly address the claim that he had been a registered Republican.

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