This morning, Councilman James Solomon announced that new parking rules are coming to the Downtown, most likely in early January.

Downtown residents will see new residential parking signs going up to extend the hours for resident-only parking. According to Solomon, these changes should make it easier for residents to find street parking each evening.

The changes were passed in the summer of 2019 but the installation of the new signs was delayed due to COVID. The signs will go up this October and November, with enforcement to begin shortly thereafter.

A brief summary of the rules changes are:

  • Evening Enforcement
    • The hours of residential parking enforcement have changed from 8AM – 5PM until 7 AM-9 PM with a 2 hour window for visitors, M-F.
    • To apply for or renew a residential permit, click here. If you already have a permit, you simply have to renew your current permit when it expires.
    • To apply for a visitor’s pass, click here. In the near future, you will be able to use the Park Mobile app to purchase a visitor’s pass online.
  • Residential Zone Boundary Changes
    • Slight changes were made to the parking zones downtown. You can view the map here.
  • Limit to residential permits
    • Those who live in buildings with parking are generally not allowed to get a residential parking permit, unless they qualify for an exemption
    • A limit of 1 permit may be issued per unit for those who have parking available on site if they receive an exemption

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