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DeGise bike
Ward E Councilman James Solomon
Ward E Councilman James Solomon

This morning Ward E Councilman James Solomon reiterated the call he made last month for At-Large Councilwoman Amy DeGise, who was involved in a hit-and-run last month, to resign.

His fortification of his stance, he said, was based on last night’s City Council meeting at which more than 100 Jersey City residents, representing the majority of those who testified on the matter, called for her to step down.

The councilman also referenced in his press release issued today “subsequent stories about her (DeGise’s) abuses of office” as a factor in his decision.

I am heartened by the many Jersey City residents who expressed their anger last night at Councilmember DeGise’s refusal to take accountability for her actions after hitting a cyclist and fleeing the scene. I am disappointed that once again, my colleague has chosen herself over her constituents by failing to acknowledge her role in a crime we all witnessed and refusing to resign. Amy DeGise represents the entire city as Councilmember-At-Large, and we as her constituents deserve better.

“Anyone who commits a hit and run has the right to due process and is subject to criminal liability. At the same time, as elected officials, we are held to a higher standard. She should exercise that right to due process and face that criminal liability as a private citizen—and last night, her constituents made that clear. Today, I am reiterating my call for her resignation, and I am urging my fellow councilmembers and all elected leaders in Jersey City to do what’s right and do the same.”

Deputy Editor Elizabeth Morrill has worked in business, not for profit fundraising and as a freelance copy editor. She holds degrees in American studies and education from Yale and Harvard.