Dear Reader:

I know it’s not a great time to ask for money.  I get it.  And to those of you who have been laid off or do gig work, read no further.  You obviously get a pass.  But I am writing to the rest of you for your support because the Jersey City Times is now in a bind. Simply put, running an online newspaper — paying our wonderful writers and  editors — costs money, real money.  And we are now running very low.

Even before Covid-19 blindsided all of us, we needed to solicit small monthly donations.  Thankfully some of you responded — but it wasn’t enough.

We had planned to roll out ads for local businesses this month but then, well,  you know.  What’s the saying about God and plans?

We’re asking you for a cup of coffee each month, a grande drip coffee at Starbucks.  For 2.99 each month, you can sign up to support our mission of providing in-depth coverage of Jersey City’s people, politics, art, music, theater and just about anything that matters.

If you have doubts about Jersey City Times’ value, scroll through our articles. Read Dan Levin’s Covid-19 updates. Read Sally Deering’s in-depth reports on city council and board of education meetings.  Read Tris McCall’s art reviews — and James Broderick’s book reviews.  Take a look at our events calendar.

We think we’re providing the kind of substantive reporting and information that, until now, Jersey City has lacked; we hope you agree. If you do, if you are willing to subscribe for just $2.99 a month, click here.

Thanks so much. Let’s get through this together.

All the best,

Aaron Morrill

Aaron is a writer, musician and lawyer. Aaron attended Berklee College of Music and the State University of New York at Purchase. Aaron served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador. He received a J.D....

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