As a resident of Jersey City, I am deeply concerned about the recent announcement that Mayor Steven Fulop will be appointing members to the city’s cannabis board without any input from the community. Even the City Council also had to rush the approval process for certain individuals, which is not suitable for such an important subject. 

Furthermore, after reviewing many of the cannabis board meetings on YouTube, it appears that the current board does not have the best interests of locally-owned businesses in mind. Instead, it seems to be focused on bringing in large amounts of money from outside of the city and state, at the expense of our local residents and businesses.

The cannabis industry has the potential to bring significant economic benefits to our city, but it also has the potential to cause harm if not properly regulated. I want to see local businesses thrive and grow, not be pushed out by outside interests.

As a resident, I believe that we have a right to have a say in who is making decisions about issues that affect our community. We deserve a transparent and inclusive process for selecting members of the cannabis board that includes community input and the necessary time to be thorough and deliberate.

We also deserve a diverse cannabis board that is made up of individuals who have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to make informed decisions about the regulation of the cannabis industry in our city, and that are committed to promoting locally-owned businesses and the well-being of our community.

It’s time for our community to have a say in the appointments to the cannabis board. I call on the mayor to halt the current appointment process and to instead allow for a more transparent and inclusive process that includes input from the community.

I urge fellow residents to join me in signing the petition to allow for community input in cannabis board appointments and to voice their concerns to the mayor and city council. Together, we can ensure that the cannabis industry in our city is regulated in a way that benefits our community.