Jersey City Police Car

New details have emerged surrounding a shootout last week that left a female bystander injured.

Last week The Jersey City Times reported that on October 12, a woman had been caught in crossfire near the intersection of Garfield and Fulton Avenues.

According to a witness who stepped forward today and who asked to remain anonymous, the shooting took place just before 9 p.m., not in the morning as the Times had reported.

The witness reports hearing 6 to 7 gunshots fired in quick succession. The shots were fired by two individuals who were on foot.

A young woman coming home from work was caught in the crossfire and sustained a gunshot wound to the thigh. At last report she was in stable condition.

Several cars on the street were hit by stray bullets.

The mayor’s spokesperson did not return an email requesting comment.

Many cities around the country have experienced an increase in gun violence during and following the Covid-19 pandemic.

The extent of crime generally, and shootings in particular, in Jersey City is unknown. Without explanation, the Fulop administration stopped publishing monthly CompStat crime data in June of 2019.

On August 18, Mayor Fulop falsely claimed that the city shares all criminal data with the Jersey Journal and intimated that providing such information would be unduly burdensome. The Journal has not carried the story of the October 12 shooting.

However, many cities, including North Bergen (New Jersey), Atlanta (Georgia), and New York City provide weekly crime data to residents.

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