Francesca Dolce Larson of the Living Room
Francesca Dolce Larson of the Living Room

The 2021 holiday season just might be the best time to shop locally. Supply chain issues keeping online retailers and big-box stores from filling orders in time are not as likely to foil the simple plan of going to a neighborhood shop to pick up a gift where a shopper’s purchase supports a member of the community.

Seventy percent of consumers recently surveyed by Intuit said they are supporting local businesses by shopping either online only or through a mix of online and in-store.

And Jersey City customers are no exception, according to Francesca Dolce Larson, Jersey City resident and owner of the modern Newark Avenue home goods store Living Room.

“We’ve definitely seen a surge and folks making a very specific intention to shop locally, telling us they’re shopping locally, reaching out on social media to ask us what they can purchase locally,” she said.

Larson offered these shopping tips: What you see on the shelves may be all of what a store has in stock, so purchase what you are interested in soon or let the shop know you’re interested; create a gift package by combining a few items; beautiful kitchen supplies, salts or jams make good gifts, especially when you’re a guest at a party; and sometimes a heartfelt card makes the most impact.

These are just some of Jersey City businesses that offer gift-worthy options:

Kanibal & Co, a downtown shop featuring locally made products and uniquely curated finds, has put together a holiday care package and is also stocked with ornaments and cards. 197 Montgomery St.

For friends who are always on the lookout for skincare, Pholk Beauty sources heirloom botanicals from small Black, BIPOC and women-owned farms in Africa, the Caribbean, and the American South to create their products. 203 Monticello Ave.

Taproot Organics in Bergen-Lafayette has an alluring array of natural soaps and products for the face, body, and as well as home goods and hemp tinctures and gummies. 511 Communipaw Ave.

A longtime family-owned sweet shop, Lee Sims Chocolates, is a classic destination for delicious candies and other housemade treats. 743 Bergen Ave.

Coffee lovers may appreciate holiday box sets or gift cards from Modcup. 25 Senate Place.

Living Room seems to have something for whatever stage of life your gift recipient is in, from accessories to host gifts to toys and books for children. 277 Newark Ave.

If you plan to give something that sparkles, Love Locked offers artisan jewelry made by local creators. More than half of the store’s items are designed and crafted in house. 353 Grove St.

Despite its name, Coolvines is really a gourmet food store and wine cellar wrapped up into one. Check ‘em out for fancy cheeses, beautifully packaged hors d’oeuvres, even cocktail glassware. And then, of course, there’s the alcohol! 350 Warren St., 276 Grove St.

For the comic books enthusiast in your life, Toy and Game World is a collectibles shop that carries video games, toys, cards, comics and more. 298 Central Ave.

Word Bookstore has its own holiday gift guide, with ideas for best friends, history buffs, artists, and more. 123 Newark Ave.

The gift of a photo or a photography session is something that can create memories for years to come. Try Mysticalprintz. 291 Martin Luther King Dr.

Scented candles and apothecary goods from The Lucky Honeybee are hand-crafted and natural. 487 Palisade Ave.

Mint Market is stocked with vintage and contemporary fashions. 339 Grove St.

If you can’t be home for the holidays, Rosebud Florist offers unique floral arrangements to be thoughtfully delivered to your current crush or other loved ones. 532 West Side Ave.

If you can be home and want to “green up, as its website says, check out five-week-old Plntd. The ethereal shop run by two sisters offers a beautifully curated selection of house plants, home wares, cards, and personal care items. It’s a jungle oasis downtown, and it’s charming. 16 Erie St..

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