1.  What about your background would make you a good state senator?

With over 30 years of senior sales Ethical Pharmaceutical Professional Global Experience. I bring to our community the drive, enthusiasm, energy, eloquence, wit, good humor, frankness, talent, diligence, breadth of vision and a grasp of key issues will all bring honor to the position of District # 31 Senate to our constituents in Jersey City. 

2. In a largely Democratic area, how, as a Republican do you plan to attract Democratic voters?

I plan to attract the Democratic voters by precisely that, sharing my views, transparent views in all areas of our community, l plan to offer results attained by what l will be able to attain within my first term, results.

3. Some people believe that “the line” for party endorsed candidates is unfair and illegal. What is your position on it?

It is not driving people to vote differently; it is going to be hard to convince political parties to give up this kind of Influence.

“Such practices allow political parties to stifle competition and control primary elections.”

4. Can you tell us about specific things you’ve accomplished for Jersey City?

The question is not what l have accomplished for the Jersey City, but what l intend to accomplish for the community of Jersey City as your next Senator!

5. What do you feel are the most important issues to Jersey City residents and what would you do to address them?

A – Taxes, currently they are high enough.

B – Crime

C – Administrative Red Tape within the administration. Let us create a transparent environment where all the residents would be treated fairly. Too much politics.

D – Affordable rental opportunities. 

6. Do you support the plan proposed for Liberty State Park by the Paul Fireman backed groups “Liberty State Park for All” and “The People’s Park?”

“Will it benefit the community in the long run, rather than somebody trying to create their own golf course of state property.”

7. Are Jersey City state and local taxes too low, about right or too high?

They are high, we will take a closer look at what areas we can.  Align such expenditures and which areas should stay the same, regarding taxes this is an area that as a businessperson l will take a lead in making sure that everyone is taxed as should be, within a reasonable tax bracket.

8. Is there anything else our readers should know about you?

Yes, I need your help, help me so that l can help you, let me be your eyes, and ears in Trenton, someone that will not play the old boys politics game, totally the opposite a professional individual that understands the struggles of todays communities’, someone who learned family values instilled by his parents of respect, humility, discipline, integrity and of hard work.

I come from a military background whereas my children serve the great nation as a nurse, son in law both within the United States Air Force, me Army 82nd Airborne, two college degrees, having worked with various non-profit community organizations just to mention a few, however l need your support, let us make this happen my fellow constituents!