Dear Editor,

I write to bring attention to the disproportionate focus on parking enforcement, overshadowing the pressing need to address escalating violent crimes and burglaries within our community. The recent incident involving Andrew Jerome Washington serves as a stark reminder of the urgency of this matter.

Governor Phil Murphy’s stance on the impact of punitive measures on working-class families highlights the necessity for a fair approach to law enforcement. As he rightly stated, “Unrelated moving offenses are often overly punitive and can have a disproportionate financial impact on many working-class and minority families.”

Furthermore, Mayor Steven Fulop’s recent statement, “Parking tickets are never favorable, but public safety is paramount,” although acknowledging the importance of safety, reflects an imbalanced focus on parking violations. The emphasis on targeting drivers for minor infractions, as stated by Mayor Fulop, “That’s why we are increasing our efforts to target drivers who flout the law and put others at risk,” detracts from the critical safety concerns our community faces.

Our community urgently requires a comprehensive strategy prioritizing the safety and well-being of all residents. I urge Mayor Steven Fulop and Council Member Mira Prinz- Arey to redirect our public safety efforts towards curbing violent crimes, enhancing security, and implementing effective public parking solutions.


Reverend Raymond Angel Guzman-Caraballo

Boricua Community Building Center

Ward B McGinley Square

Rev. Raymond Angel Guzman-Caraballo is the founder of the Boricua Community Center.