Regarding your recent editorial, offering conjecture about whether or not covid funds were used to pay for the trip to Paris by Fulop et al, I am struck by your use of the phrase “The Jersey City Times has received an unconfirmed report.”

Although born and raised in Jersey City, I haven’t lived there since 1984 or worked there since 2007. However, in my mind Jersey City will always be home and I follow developments in my hometown closely. I have no “skin in the game” regarding Fulop or any other political leader so it matters not to me whether or not your paper has a bias against him.

What has struck me about your story is your willingness to print a story that you freely admit is unconfirmed. I’m not trained in journalism but it seems to me that there was a time when publishers of legitimate newspapers were almost fanatical about confirming their sources before going to print. I would think, or hope, that any news publication that wishes to be taken seriously would adhere strictly to that old professional standard. Or am I being naive and such a principal no longer is deemed to be of any consequence in the super-competitive world of today’s journalism?

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood