Liberty State Park
Liberty State Park

To the Editor:

I am increasingly alarmed to realize that—under the pretext of certain, admittedly much needed improvement—Liberty State Park is once again in the crosshairs of the avaricious and entitled golf billionaire who has threatened us in the past. His cronies, among them elected representatives, seem happy to take his crumbs in exchange for swinging their support in his direction.

These acres belong to the people of the state of New Jersey, not to the uber-wealthy privileged class. In what universe is an elite private golf course preferable to the educational benefit of a salt marsh for our urban schoolchildren and the precious nesting space for our urban waterfowl? It seems we the people will be the losers again (and at the behest of some of our very own representatives who don’t seem able to see through the blandishments of the oligarch).

The last thing we need is overblown stadiums and entertainment venues (as if these would ever even come to pass. “Get real!” as they say). Most people come to this park for the pure, wide expanse of sea and sky and the vast lawns where urban crowding melts away. Yes, we need improvements! Yes, we need intra-park transport. Yes, a refreshment stand would be nice. But most people come for the unbroken views and the egalitarian open space.

A walk among the park visitors on a holiday weekend is more varied than the United Nations. Some much-needed space dedicated to athletics has already been discussed, but this is NOT the Meadowlands.

When are we going to get OUR Protection Bill passed? Not this nonsense sponsored by Fireman.  Senate bill S2807 must include language to prohibit large-scale commercialization and privatization in OUR park.

Very Sincerely,
Agnes de Bethune

Photo courtesy of Jayne Freeman