Note: The writer submitted this longer version of his letter subsequent to the letter’s original publication.

To the Editor:

Pompidou x is a waste of money.

Jersey City does not need some ‘out-of-town’ entity (The Pompidou Center) to make
it’s case as a center of the arts in the New York metro area (time and again, the ‘if we
build it, they will come’ approach has been proven wrong many times).

But that is not the point, the reality is this is a huge waste of money that could go a long
way supporting arts and artists in the city.

For starters, consider these uses of the Pompidou funding:

— Tax abatements for artists with studios in their home, commercial art galleries and
any public or private space set aside for art that has public access.
— Shuttle bus services from mass transit to and from major art exhibits and hubs (at
least on weekends).Development of existing resources,
— Housing/studio security (ala rent control) in area that are gentrifying (and where
artists are being pushed out to make room for more ‘luxury condos’) and
housing/studio subsidies for artists moving to developing areas.
— A true ‘Jersey City Art Museum’ that, in addition to a perminent art colloection and
public arts education program, provides exhibit space for local artists and
meeting/office spaces for Jersey City arts orgamizations.
— More funding for existing arts programs (14c, ProArts, Art House Productions,

The better their programs/facilities, the stronger the arts scene in Jersey City
will become, the more people will want to find their way over here to experience it.

This would be a start and a far better use of the Pompidou funding by building a more
preminent local arts environment. Investment, THAT is what is needed for the Jersey City arts scene. Invest and and the public will follow.