Courtesy of Sen. Menendez's office

My name is Brandon Ambrossi. I’m a lifelong resident of Jersey City. I’m also a lifelong Democrat.

Senator Robert Menendez Sr has been indicted for bribery and corruption yet again.

His immoral and corrupt practices put a stain not only on the Democratic Party but Jersey City and New Jersey at large, because we implicitly endorse this by continuing to support his campaigns for public office. Let me be clear about the accusations, before others rush in and cry hyperbole: New Jersey’s Senior Senator was allegedly caught taking bribes from the government of Egypt.

I’m currently in Virginia, organizing rural and suburban Democrats, in what is likely to be the most competitive House district in the Commonwealth. For these Democrats, this election is the difference between whether women’s rights are protected, or not.

Whether Virginia schools are havens of security and peace for LGBTQ+ children and staff, or not.

Whether Virginians can count on their Republican governor to make sure their electoral votes are being sent to the true winner of the Presidential election, or not.

I write the above to highlight the culture of optimism and aspiration that is abundantly present in this battleground district in this battleground state.

If we, as New Jerseyans, continue to tolerate this culture of corruption, we let down Americans who are on the frontlines of the fight to protect our rights. We let down the millions of Americans who will see what Senator Menendez Sr has done to betray the nation’s trust by abusing his role as Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and are disgusted by New Jersey’s political leaders for not holding him accountable.

To cut to the chase, I am calling upon every single elected official in Hudson County to condemn Senator Robert Menendez Sr. and to demand that he vacate his office with haste. Hudson County deserves a lot better than what we are getting out of the Senator. We deserve representatives as good and honest as our friends and neighbors. We must demand change.

We deserve legislators and executives who can forget the political calculus and machinations and simply do what is right, not only for their constituents, but for the nation that has its eyes on all of us.