Rolando Lavarro Jersey City
Rolando Lavarro

I am voting for Rolando Lavarro for Council at Large on November 2nd and I urge you to join me. Why? Because he is honest, smart, and an independent voice in City Hall. He’s fighting for ALL of Jersey City, regardless of economic status or neighborhood. Before it was trendy to label yourself “progressive,” Rolando was simply a conscientious public servant who passed meaningful laws that afforded dignity to working people, like Earned Sick Days and Living Wage.

He has taken up the issue of affordability as his own, because as a lifelong Jersey City resident, he has seen longtime neighbors and friends struggle to be able to afford to remain in Jersey City, or worse, be displaced due to hyper-gentrification. His patience is unfailing and he cares. Most of all, he is not afraid to take on the tough issues, and go against the grain, when it is clearly the right thing to do.

When a bogus inclusionary zoning ordinance (affordable housing) full of loopholes came before the Council, the public expressed outrage and dismay for over four hours of testimony, urging the Council to reject the developer-friendly ordinance. Councilman Lavarro listened intently, knew the facts, and heeded the call to vote NO. (The Hudson County courts later struck down the sham ordinance, with the Judge saying, “it is not something this court believes is lawful.”) Rolando has consistently fought for what’s good for the people of Jersey City over what’s good for developers. Rolando is the anti-rubber-stamp, anti-corruption candidate, the education and labor candidate, and the conscience of the Council. If you’re like me, you want someone representing you who will listen to you, who hears your concerns, and who owes his allegiance to no one but his constituents. And that’s Rolando Lavarro.

Please join me casting your eyes to column 9B and your vote for Councilman at Large Rolando Lavarro. He’s our own advocate and we all need him in our corner.

Heather Sporn

Heather Sporn is a Heights resident, Landscape Architect, Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance Board Member