City Hall, Jersey City

Today Jersey City Times asked that all candidates running for mayor and city council divulge their vaccination statuses and, if vaccinated, provide a copy of their vaccination cards as proof.

Email to Jersey City Candidates

JCT asked any candidate who has not been vaccinated to provide their reason or reasons for not doing so.

JCT requested responses by no later than Monday night.

During a “meet and greet” on Wednesday evening, Ward F City Council Candidate Frank Educational Gilmore revealed that he had not been vaccinated. He explained that he was concerned about side effects.

Councilman Jermaine Robinson demanded that Gilmore “immediately stop holding in-person campaign events.”

The Center for Disease Control advises that those receiving inoculations may suffer “some side effects” that “should go away in a few days.” It goes on to explain that “serious side effects that could cause a long-term health problem are extremely unlikely following any vaccination, including COVID-19 vaccination.”

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