It would seem hard to believe, but in a few short years of breakneck development, Jersey City has become the 12th “tallest” city in America.

According to a new study from the heretofore obscure website RoofGnome, the Hudson County seat has more tall buildings than all but 11 American cities.

To mark “Skyscraper Day” (who knew skyscrapers had a day?), RoofGnome compared over 780 U.S. cities and territories based on the total number of buildings rising at least 12 stories.

Jersey City placed 12th, behind New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Seattle and Boston, in that order.

How did Jersey City stack up on some key metrics? It came in 27th for the total number of built high-rises with 12 or more stories; 10th for the number of completed buildings 150 meters or higher; 11th for the number of completed buildings 200 meters or taller; and 8th for the number of completed buildings 300 meters or higher.

Newark came in at 50th overall. Hoboken was a distant 93rd.