Jersey City police car
Jersey City Police Car

Gunfire rang out in several Jersey City neighborhoods over the last 48 hours.

According to reports on from several residents in the Van Vorst Park neighborhood Downtown, as many as five gunshots were heard in the vicinity of Christopher Columbus Drive and Varick Street on Tuesday night.

“From listening to the police scanner and what I could see out my windows and based on a resident’s report, they thought the suspect was hiding in the rear yard of 350 Varick. Entire block was cordoned off, cops on roofs, etc. Finally about 90 minutes later, SWAT team (or whatever they have here) shows up with automatics, shields, etc. and entered the property. A few minutes after that, they all came out and reported nothing in the yard and everyone left. So whoever fired is still out there” wrote one resident.

Another resident living nearby reported that the shooter was apprehended several hours later hiding behind a building.

The incident was later confirmed in a media report.

The Jersey Journal reported that just before 4 p.m., on Tuesday, two vehicles were struck by gunfire in the area of 770 Garfield Ave.

Last night, a police source told The Jersey City Times that a shooting took place at 379 Ocean Avenue. The source could not confirm whether there had been any injuries or whether the shooters had been apprehended.

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