Richard Boggiano and Kevin Bing
Richard Boggiano and Kevin Bing

According to, the phrase “to throw down the gauntlet” originally meant to challenge another to a duel. “Gauntlet” derives from the French word “gantelet,” which referred to the heavy, armored gloves worn by medieval knights. “In an age when chivalry and personal honor were paramount, throwing a gauntlet at the feet of an enemy or opponent was considered a grave insult that could only be answered with personal combat, and the offended party was expected to “take up the gauntlet” to acknowledge and accept the challenge.”

Seemingly provoked by a Boggiano press release attacking him on the issue of bike lanes and parking, Kevin Bing has now thrown the proverbial gauntlet at the feet of Ward C Councilman Richard Boggiano and challenged him to a debate.

“I invite Rich Boggiano to a public debate to be moderated by John Heinis of the Hudson County View. Voters in Ward C deserve to know where Boggiano and I stand on issues important to them. While my opponent wants to make this election a choice between bikes and parking, my campaign is looking forward to an honest and frank discussion of the wide range of issues at stake in this election like homelessness services, affordable housing, and quality of life issues,” said Bing.

Only an hour earlier, Boggiano charged that “Kevin Bing knows that his plans will remove hundreds of parking spots from our neighborhoods, but now that he’s in the runoff he’s too scared to admit it…Everyone knows where I stand — I’ve always been against trading parking for bike lanes, and I always will be. Instead of making false attacks on my character, Kevin should answer these very simple, policy-based questions and come clean about his ‘war on cars’ policy agenda.”

Bing, apparently, considered those fighting words. “I am asking Councilperson Boggiano to respond by 5pm on Friday November 19th. He and his daughter, Katrina Boggiano, have been notified by email.”

Team Boggiano has yet to respond Bing’s challenge.

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