Crime Scene Tape

A drive-by shooting reportedly took place last night on the border of Greenville and Bergen-Lafayette. The incident represents the second shooting in one week.

The shots last night were fired in the vicinity of Ocean and Bidwell Avenues at approximately 11 pm. There were no reported injuries.

On July 6, according to multiple reports, a man was shot ten times in the lower body on Forrest Street, between Martin Luther King Drive and Bergen Avenue.

In neither case did the city’s spokesperson respond to requests for information.

Cities around the country have experienced a surge in gun violence over the last two years.

The extent of crime generally, and shootings in particular, in Jersey City is unknown. Without explanation, the Fulop administration stopped publishing monthly CompStat crime data in June of 2019.

New York City residents, by contrast, have access to fresh crime data, including shootings, from weekly CompStat reports posted on the city’s website.

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