Crime Scene Tape

Detectives from the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office are on their way to the scene of a homicide tonight.

According to police reports, the victim was pronounced dead tonight at 9:10 p.m.

The killing took place at 112 Myrtle Ave. near Ocean Ave.

The mother of the victim and another son were reportedly at the scene following the shooting.

Shots were also reportedly fired tonight in the vicinity of Communipaw Ave. and Van Horne St. No shell casings were recovered.

Van Horne St. and Communipaw Ave. was the approximate location of multiple gunshots two days ago.

The homicide and gun shots continue a surge in gun violence both locally and in cities across the country.

The extent of any increase in crime in Jersey City is unknown.

Without explanation, the Fulop administration stopped publishing monthly CompStat data in June of 2019.

New York City residents, in contrast, have access to fresh crime data, including shootings, from weekly CompStat reports posted on the city’s website.

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