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The Covid-19 Report

The weekly number of new Covid-19 infections in Jersey City has increased from 7 in August to 68 in November. There were nine reported fatalities in November.

Local Election Results Yield Few Surprises

Local election results yielded few surprises last night.  Yousef Saleh has garnered 4,854 votes in a special election to complete the term of the late Michael Yun for Ward D of the Jersey City Municipal Council. Saleh was backed by mayor Steven Fulop. Patrick Ambrossi came in second with 1,325 votes, Cynthia Hadjiyannis received 1,003. Rafael Torres and Lenny Lambert received 872 and 238 respectively. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night was the vote on a referendum to fund the arts by way of a property assessment. As of this writing, the yes votes had garnered 36,585 votes with 20,916 voting no. In the hotly contested race for three seats on the Board of Education, the Education Matters team of Lorenzo Richardson, Gina Verdibello and Lekendrick Shaw appears to have handily defeated Asheenia Johnson, Sonia Cintron and Karen Poliski of Change for Children.

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Administration Introduces $658 Million Budget

The administration introduced a 658 million dollar 2020 municipal budget today which, if adopted, will close a 70 million dollar shortfall brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.   The budget contains no tax increase.