COVID-19 Starts to Take a Toll on New Jersey’s Disabled Residents

In all, 86 New Jerseyans with intellectual or developmental disabilities have tested positive for the disease caused by the novel coronavirus now rampaging through the state, officials said, including the 12 who died. Nearly four in 10 of the infections are linked to residents of state-run developmental centers; the rest relate to individuals living in the community, in group homes or with family.

How the Inadequate Supply of Protective Equipment Takes a Toll on Nurses

She blames no one. She did everything she could to protect herself, and she harbors no ill will for a hospital outmatched and overrun by the pandemic. An administrator told her that reinforcements in the form of nursing volunteers will arrive Tuesday. And “they keep tell us they’re trying” to get more gear,” she says.

The Transition to Online Learning

Honor society inductions, classes, school plays and spending time with friends: little things that most college students usually take for granted but are unable to enjoy due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Jersey City Hospitals Adopt New Triage Protocols for Pandemic

Jersey City Medical Center has created a new protocol and an expanded locale for its emergency department in response to the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the city and the country. Earlier this month, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop joined Christ Hospital administrators in announcing a new screening system designed to safeguard health care staff and patients during the crisis as well.

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