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Education: “We Want to Go Home!”

Despite months of back-and-forth discussion regarding the future of Jersey City’s A. Harry Moore Laboratory School, located at 2078 JFK Blvd. opposite New Jersey City University, a long-term solution to the school’s shuttering remains up in the air.

No matter the outcome, short-term rental fight, related issues, will persist

Activists advocating for the Vote Yes campaign want residents to support city-approved regulations that would place some limits on short-term rentals. Those backing the Vote No campaign want residents to reject the regulations set to go into effect next year; their hope is the city will instead go back to the drawing board and draft a different set of regulations that targets “bad actors” on the short-term rental scene and places fewer restrictions on everyone else.

School Board Chair Seeks Reelection on November 5 Despite Financial Mismanagement Allegations

With the next Jersey City Board of Education (JCBOE) election just days away, voters could reelect current Board Chair Sudhan Thomas despite a looming lawsuit against him alleging financial impropriety during his stint as interim head of the city’s job training program. Not only could Thomas win a second school board term, he would be allowed to serve the term since neither the allegations nor the pending lawsuit would legally bar him from doing so.

Reflections of a Reporter:

So here we are. If there’s one unintended benefit of the current political climate, it’s that we are all living the civics class we should have had in high school. If we are to rebuild our democracy, it must include a rededication to an independent free press particularly at the local level.

Publisher’s Letter

This first “issue” dated October 15, 2019, is just a beginning, a seed that will hopefully grow into something larger and better. We hope to regularly update the site with new content. Most important, we hope that Jersey City Times will in some small way help to better educate everyone about what makes Jersey City a great place to live and how we can make it even better.

Jersey City’s School Funding Crisis: Where Are We Now?

Jersey City is in the midst of a structural, multi-year school-funding crisis that has already led to one year of increased school taxes combined with school budget cuts. Given the disparity between what the State of New Jersey dictates that the Jersey City Public Schools should spend on each student and the local resources that Jersey City chooses to spend on its public schools, this destructive combination will likely result again in the years ahead.

Board of Education Candidates Forum Video from October 10, 2019

Neighborhood associations in the Heights sponsored an education debate for candidates running for the school board. It was held in PS 28 on Oct. 10, 2019.

The forum was co-sponsored by the Riverview Neighborhood Association, Washington Park Association, Heights Community Coalition, Sgt. Anthony Neighborhood Association and the Pershing Field Neighborhood Association.

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