Festa Italiana Jersey City

This Weekend

Celebrate summer this weekend in Jersey City at the historic La Festa Italiana, with the Jersey City LGBTQ+ Pride Festival, and with Summer Fest in Liberty State Park.

Smokers Paradise Jersey City

Trouble in Paradise

A troubled “CBD Outlet” on the Newark Avenue Pedestrian Mall that has highlighted the difficulty of balancing marijuana legalization and quality of life has been shuttered by authorities over building code violations.

DeGise Rally Jersey City

Protesters Call for DeGise to Step Down

United in anger over last week’s hit-and-run that sent a bicyclist somersaulting through the air on Martin Luther King Drive, a group of of nearly 100 protesters gathered this afternoon on the Newark Avenue Pedestrian Plaza to call for the resignation of Councilwoman Amy DeGise.

John Tokar's Camp Tokar

The Inaugural Downtown Art Crawl

The inaugural Art Crawl was large — almost 70 studios and related spaces were open — but it wasn’t so big that it couldn’t be experienced in its totality by a dedicated walker or cyclist.