The Circus Grows in Jersey City

Andrea Honis is the founder of, an online resource and employment tool for professional circus performers worldwide and their legions of fans.

Out of a Mother’s Nightmare Rises a Teen Mentoring Program

In the spring of 2019, while visiting family in Arizona, Hunter Reinholt died from an overdose of painkillers prescribed for his grandfather. Hunter’s mother, Tracy, experienced every parent’s nightmare when she found her son sitting “lifeless in a chair, the victim of a drug overdose.” 

Jersey City Teen Gets Down and Dirty

Lappas’ campaign is remarkably similar to Mayor Steven Fulop’s “Stop the Drop” initiative, a program he launched in 2013 (now on hiatus due to Covid-19) to reduce litter and provide summer jobs for kids at the same time. Lappas had never heard of “Stop the Drop.” But Mayor Fulop is aware of Adopt-a-Block, according to Lappas, and likes it.

Candidate Hector Oseguera: An Interview

Under normal circumstances, a campaign like mine would be under a lot of pressure to overcome a financial disparity between an incumbent and somebody like myself.  But at a time like this, those power disparities have really flattened because we’re all confined to the same digital spaces which is the only real way to make an sort of real outreach.