Price Gougers Beware: Big Fines Await You

As if the current climate during the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t distressing enough, being overcharged for essentials adds a distinct insult to injury for Jersey City residents. In a few local stores, items like isopropyl alcohol, hand sanitizer and disinfectant cleaners are suddenly three to four times their usual price, as reported by consumers in the area. This is a practice widely considered to be unethical and exploitative.

Strip Clubs and Funerals: Ian Steffe Records a Comedy Hour at Headroom

The show opened with the funeral, as the comedian mused on the irony of grieving while organizing the event, which is essentially a party for other people. Later, Steffé invoked his late father who delivered the moral of the story in a bit about a trip to a strip club that involved blood. Be nicer to women, his dad urged.

Council Tackles Coronavirus, Girl Scout Cookies and Yoga

Senior yoga classes and Girl Scouts who sell their Thin Mints and Do-si-dos without permits at street-side tables are issues on the City Council’s agenda this week in Jersey City. At the caucus meeting Monday night, the chambers grew especially quiet when Director of Health and Human Services Stacey Flanagan addressed the council with a coronavirus update: So far, 76 people in Jersey City were tested, and none tested positive for the virus.

Jersey City Times file photo

Mayor Fulop Takes Action on Coronavirus

He urged those who think they may have been exposed to use the city’s dial in number to get information so as not to  “overwhelm our medical facilities and make sure that people who are concerned don’t use public transportation to our medical facilities. We will direct you on where to go and our dispatchers will take the information as appropriate.”  The number to call is 201 547-5208.   In addition, anyone with questions about the novel coronavirus, symptoms, or their risk of exposure, can call the free, New Jersey 24-hour public hotline at 1-800-222-1222.

Jersey City Schools Planning for Spread of COVID-19 Virus, An Emergency Early 12:30 p.m. Dismissal is Scheduled for Students this Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Jersey City Public School District is preparing for the possibility that a spread of the COVID-19 virus in the U.S. may impact school attendance, and/or require the closure of schools. The district is planning to provide a combination of educational packets and electronic learning opportunities in the event the New Jersey Department of Health or the Jersey City Department of Health recommends school closures.

Thirteen Places in Town to See Live Music Now

Since the last time we rounded up performance spaces, the town has lost a cornerstone: FM, the comfortable, decent-sounding downtown venue that was, for more than a year, the most reliable local spot to catch an independent act. FM had a real stage and lights and a dedicated PA system run by soundmen who took pride in their skills. It was a true rock club in the time-tested style, booked by people with roots deep in the community and a clear vision of the kind of venue they’d like to run and scene they want to cultivate.

Gallery Listing Updated: Eighteen Places in Jersey City to See an Art Show

JC Fridays stands as our quarterly reminder that Jersey City is a visual arts town. It’s what we do well, and it’s a comparative advantage the city has over other municipalities in the Garden State (and beyond). We love to look at pictures and sculptures and photographs and off-the-wall installations. The annual Jersey City Art and Studio Tour turns the entire town into a giant open gallery. While there are plenty of other cultural events on the calendar, JCAST feels like the anchor of local culture.