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Rogue Waves April: Live Music (and Rocky Horror) in Jersey City

You many have heard recent reports of drag-averse states banning showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I take this as a personal insult to Jersey City. Rocky Horror wasn’t created here, but we’ve got a long history with the movie and its attendant phenomena, including some memorably gonzo screenings and performances in the Harsimus Cemetery.  Sal Piro, the longtime […]

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Art in the Home and Studio: Lambert, O’Leary, and Evening Star

Looking at an abundance of artworks: that’s what makes the Studio Tour fun.  But visiting artists’ houses during the Tour is almost as rewarding. Artists’ homes and studios often resemble the work the artists are doing, and a visit can feel like stepping into a painting.  Private galleries and home studios exist at an intersection between architecture […]

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JC Fridays: Our Picks

2022 was not kind to Jersey City artists. It was defined by hesitancy, half-measures, and a doozy of a pandemic hangover. 2023, by contrast, is off to a roaring start. Our early-blooming shows have been glorious. If the first JC Fridays event of the year is often a survey of the scene and an indication […]