Homeward by BLUSTERONE

“Walls To Smalls” at Deep Space Gallery

Deep Space has always championed our most prolific local street artists, and “Walls To Smalls,” which opened only a few weeks after a city-authorized Mural Festival and will run through July 25, brings their work indoors.   

A Message to the Muralists

I have a question for the muralists — here and elsewhere. Are you sure that what you are adding is better than what you are subtracting?  Is what you have to say important enough, or urgent enough, that you’re ready to sideline, the work of another creator?

Traumatic Birth: How Can We Protect Ourselves?

When we talk about traumatic birth, there is a tendency for friends and family to say, “But you’re fine, and your baby is healthy.” But is the new mom really fine? For women who experience trauma at birth, this is a common and irritating response. 

Art Review: Polarity at PRIME Gallery

There’s no reason why painters shouldn’t share canvases, or hang their work on the same walls, or approach audiences shoulder to shoulder, just like a pair of emcees would.  That Clarence Rich and Mr. Mustart grew up on hip-hop is apparent from the work they do. They understand the benefits of joining forces.