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Color and Influence at New Shows at Firmament Gallery and Hamilton Square

Serious artists hope that their work will be influential.  Few artists, however, would call themselves influencers.  In 2023, we’ve come to understand the term as a bit of a slight.  An influencer isn’t necessarily a creator. She’s a person who uses new media to compel her following to make a particular choice — a consumer choice.  […]

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Rogue Waves January: Joe Bataan, CR and the Nones, Tom Barrett, Debra Devi, and More

Though it’s been imitated plenty of times since 1967, “Subway Joe” remains unique. Everything on the record jostles for attention like buskers in the subway. The piano and the Caribbean drums are blown out, distorted, and gleefully shoved into the red. Trumpets blare with impatience like car horns in rush hour traffic on Fifth Avenue. […]

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The Pop/R&B Ensemble Takes the Stage at NJCU Tomorrow

Two weeks ago, New Jersey City University held a two-day jazz festival. The event, which featured Jersey City percussion hero Winard Harper, the unclassifiable, frequently brilliant Gabriel Alegria Afro-Peruvian Sextet, and many other artists, was distinguished by its excellent lineup of attractions. Its location was just as noteworthy. NJCU didn’t throw their party on campus. […]