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The Earth Temple at SMUSH Gallery Rocks

The persuasive utility of lamentation is overrated. In America, we like to back winners. Cry too hard and people will assume that the milk is already spilled.   This has put environmentalist-artists in a bind. Anybody who cares about the fate of the earth has a lot to be sad about. But shows that lean too hard into desolation leave […]

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Rogue Waves April: Live Music (and Rocky Horror) in Jersey City

You many have heard recent reports of drag-averse states banning showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I take this as a personal insult to Jersey City. Rocky Horror wasn’t created here, but we’ve got a long history with the movie and its attendant phenomena, including some memorably gonzo screenings and performances in the Harsimus Cemetery.  Sal Piro, the longtime […]

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Art in the Home and Studio: Lambert, O’Leary, and Evening Star

Looking at an abundance of artworks: that’s what makes the Studio Tour fun.  But visiting artists’ houses during the Tour is almost as rewarding. Artists’ homes and studios often resemble the work the artists are doing, and a visit can feel like stepping into a painting.  Private galleries and home studios exist at an intersection between architecture […]