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Consultants Look to Modernize Jersey City Parking

“Parking is both about numbers, but it’s also a highly political process,” according to Margaret Newman, former chief of staff of the New York City Department of Transportation during the Bloomberg administration and one of the consultants who worked on the draft.  Among residents, “Everyone has an interest in it, and everyone has a different story and experience,” she added.

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Murphy’s Re-Entry Plan for NJ Businesses and Public Spaces Lacks Timeline, Specifics

That’s according to the broad six-point plan Gov. Phil Murphy outlined Monday in Trenton, which includes a series of public health benchmarks he said must be met before businesses and public spaces can safely reopen. Today, he plans to announce the members of a new recovery commission that will guide the economic elements of the state’s revival in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

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NJ’s Undocumented Immigrants and COVID-19: Free-Falling Through the Safety Net

COVID-19 has left Lucia’s life in shambles. Her partner of 27 years died last week, at home, after being released twice from a hospital despite probably having the disease and having serious trouble breathing. She has contracted the virus and, while she has lung damage and other conditions that put her at risk of complications, is at home. She has no job, no income and no idea what to do next.