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Council Tackles Coronavirus, Girl Scout Cookies and Yoga

Senior yoga classes and Girl Scouts who sell their Thin Mints and Do-si-dos without permits at street-side tables are issues on the City Council’s agenda this week in Jersey City. At the caucus meeting Monday night, the chambers grew especially quiet when Director of Health and Human Services Stacey Flanagan addressed the council with a coronavirus update: So far, 76 people in Jersey City were tested, and none tested positive for the virus.

Artists and Educators Urge Council to Vote “Yes” on Arts Trust Fund Referendum, Council Votes to Limit Public Comment

The Second Reading of Ordinance 20-018 was introduced to impose a three-minute limit on members of the public wishing to speak during hearings on both Second Reading Ordinances and the public speaking portion of council meetings and to impose a five-minute limit on public comments on the adoption of budgets and amendments to same.