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Historic Harsimus and Jersey City Cemetery Offers Free Cremation Niches

The Historic Harsimus and Jersey City Cemetery has secured of lovely area of the cemetery with 30 to 40 cremation niches.  The niches which are about 12″ x 16″ and can hold a large sized urn.  A small headstone can be placed on the niche and the cemetery will place a special memorial in this area to commemorate that these are victims of the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

Emergency Child Care Program Ramps Up, State Monitors ‘Need Versus Capacity’

“The cop has two kids, and he’s desperate for day care. We get a lot of calls, and there’s a lot of need for help, especially for infants and toddlers,” Rodriguez said, who continues to try to find a place for the police officer’s child as her limited spaces fill up. “What they’re offering in terms of the number of day-care centers is not enough.”

State, County Park Closures Criticized

Very few people are questioning the governor’s sincerity. In general, he’s gotten high marks for his handling of the coronavirus crisis. But his executive order this week closing all state and county parks has managed to unite progressives and conservatives in opposition to the new rules.