1. What about your background would make you a good Assemblyperson?

Working for over two decades in various industries within ‘Corporate America’ (in an array of positions within Financial Shared Services and HR Shared Services), I am blessed to have led, automated, and innovated. First and foremost, I have managed and collaborated with others for decades. It is my ultimate responsibility to ensure my leadership skills grow and build productive and positive relationships inside and outside of the workplace. Providing guidance and resources to others, for their personal and professional growth and well-being, has been a gift I continue to share with others. Whether it be assisting in their career, personal brand, or encouragement to become an entrepreneur, I have brought positive change to countless lives and will do the same for the people within NJ Legislative District 31 (LD31). 

Under my umbrella of responsibility, I have been the lead on multi-million dollar projects, responsible for the largest expense on any given balance sheet (labor/payroll), and directed and reported on budgets and benefits for billion-dollar entities. With each position held I have been tasked to create efficiencies, streamline processes, and develop compliant procedures. As Assemblywoman, I will undoubtedly leverage my experience to do the same for the great State of New Jersey and LD31. Our antiquated administration needs all of the above, and I am more than qualified to execute and “answer the call” to “clean up shop”, saving our taxpayers as much money as possible. As Assemblywoman, I will ensure our cities remain compliant, diligent, and reduce the exposure of lawsuits which have riddled our district. 

Outside of my corporate career, I was Rockland County NY Chapter President for the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) and sat on the Board of Directors for Union Settlement Association (one of the largest settlement houses in New York City). Both of these leadership positions show my passion to serve the public and our underserved communities. 

As Assemblywoman, I will represent our community with pride and dignity, fight for what is right for them, fight for a fair and favorable budget, fight to hold others accountable, and serve our state and district with all that I have, just as I have. 

2. In a largely Democratic area, how, as a Republican, do you plan to attract Democratic voters?

This is the easiest question of them all. I plan on reminding them of the truth. The truth that their party has failed them for decades. The truth that their party continue to be disrespectful in their empty promises. The truth that their party needs to be held accountable for their actions. I will remind them the only people who prosper in their party are the politicians. I will remind them their party allows our law enforcement to be disrespected and demonized. I will remind them Jersey City was ranked as having the highest rents in the nation due to their party. I will remind them their candidates blatantly lie about wanting affordable housing, since they are the party who created, developed, allowed, and profited from the unaffordable housing to begin with. I will remind them of their low ranking schools in correlation to their high property taxes. I will remind those within LD31 they have been an afterthought, as the remainder of Jersey City has been built, they have been disregarded. I will remind them their officials should live in the areas they represent and not lie about their residency. I will remind them of the truth of their current Assemblyman, who did not show up for work for his own good, therefore, cannot possibly show up for the people. I will remind them of the truth and embarrassment of two prior Assemblymen who were indicted. I will remind them of the truth of their current candidate, having been with the Democratic Committee in other capacities, either turning a blind eye to all of the above, being a poor judge of character or simply not having enough courage to stand up for what was right. Any of which categorize them as undeserving of representing the people. I will remind them, I will remind them, and I will remind them…of the truth! 3. Some people believe that “the line” for party endorsed candidates is unfair and illegal. What is your position on it? Being a matter-of-fact type of person, we know it is not illegal so that debate is off the table. As for being unfair, I can see opponent’s opposition, but it is up to the candidate to promote themselves and market their qualities as best as they can. There is always an underdog, but it is your responsibility to fight and come out on top. I am always open to discussions and suggestions, but as it stands today, the people ultimately make the final decision. 

4. Can you tell us about specific things you’ve accomplished for Jersey City?

Having held no prior public position, I can inform on what I will do when elected Assemblywoman. I promise to uphold the integrity and dignity of the city. I promise to stop the embarrassment they have faced at the hands of their prior elected officials. I promise to work as hard for them as I have for myself and family. I promise to be an advocate and not an absentee. I promise to be a partner, not just a politician. I will, for a fact, outwork and out-lead the Democratic candidates, because I already have!

5. What do you feel are the most important issues to Jersey City residents and what would you do to address them?

I will work to reduce taxes, collaborate with the Board of Education to provide better academics and services for our children, partner with city officials making our agencies efficient, and work with department heads in removing the bottleneck within our administration creating roadblocks for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

6. Do you support the plan proposed for Liberty State Park by the Paul Fireman backed groups “Liberty State Park for All” and “The People’s Park?’

Our children are the most important and sacred part of our community and lives. We need to nourish their growth, protect and grow their minds, and build their bodies. It is with utmost importance we provide safe and viable activities for our children and community as a whole. We must provide them an alternative to the dangerous street corners. We must build up our park as much as we have built up our bars and restaurants. Sports and activities provide an outlet for those who need it, another avenue of success for those who want it, and a trigger for greatness for those who have it within.

7. Are Jersey City state and local taxes too low, about right or too high?

Taxes are too high across the board, period.

8. Is there anything else our readers should know about you?

In addition to being a corporate professional, I am a NJ Realtor with KW City Life JC. I am a proud mother of three children, who attend public schools and are avid athletes. Between the three of them, our household has won every championship our city and county has to offer, and one was state ranked in a sport. I have a physically and mentally handicapped brother, therefore, the disabled are a protected class I hold close to my heart. Through my beautiful sister, I am an aunt of two. We have a mother who is a retired NJ Probation Officer (Jersey City), therefore, law enforcement has been in our life since we were children. My father worked in Telecommunications and Information Technology for financial institutions throughout the tristate. Both my father and best friend, Jersey City Police Officer Jane Louf, committed suicide, so you will continuously see me advocating for suicide prevention as it has affected me deeply. I truly believe love and words of encouragement can save us all. I am a woman of deep Faith and worship Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. 

I share all of this with you to be transparent. I fear no man or their judgment. You will find I am relatable on many levels. I have an amazing sense of humor, if I don’t say so myself. I live in Hudson County, I work in Hudson County, I raise my family in Hudson County, and I am Hudson County!